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Terbitan: Aisyah Hijanah

Penulis: Aisyah Hijanah

This book is specificaly and specially written for every heart that yearns to be heard, to be understood and to be cared for. I personally created this book for everyone to know that even if i may not know you personally, I always have a special heart for everyone that continues to support my journey, praying for me and followed me throught my journey as a sister, mother, wife and most importantly a friend.

I hope that from reading this book, you will find solace and peace. I would also pray that whatever troubles or burdens you will be lifted and that you will finally heal.

To all my readers, 

This for you.

Aisyah Hijanah


All of us are battling.

We battle for happiness.


Not all of us are lucky to feel that.

Only you know what your heart feels.

The pain.

The struggles.

All day long with a silent cry.

Nobody knows.

It's just YOU and your HEART....