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As we enter into this new decade, we become acutely aware of the increasing number of people who are leading extremely unhappy lives.  Most of them of course are so naturally skilled at hiding their sadness, masking them with “filters” on social media. And they are finding it harder and harder to love themselves each day. The constant comparison is one evil that they can’t seem to simply brush off.    In this book, author Mizi Wahid delves into the topic of rediscovering love and finding the one true happiness with God’s love. This book is divided into 2 parts : the first identifying why a person feels unworthy of love or feels as though receiving rejections is the only destiny for them. The second part provides guided steps towards the quest of self-love.                                                    This book was written with the intention to address a specific problem in our society – and that is the trauma of facing rejection, abandonment and feeling unloved or unworthy of being loved.