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Penulis: A. HELWA

Based on the international bestseller, Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam

Insightful reflections that inspire hope & revive faith

"Call Upon Me I will Answer You." - QURAN 40:60

Secrets of Divine Love Journal is based on the award-winning and #1 international bestselling book, Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam. Through heart-centered reflections, insightful prompts and thought-provoking questions, Secrets of Divine Love Journal can help you foster a deeper relationship with Allah by connecting you with the heart of your faith in a more intimate and inspiring way.

Connect more deeply and authentically with Allah through the power of journaling.

Session 1 --- Allah: The Origin of Love

Session 2 ---Who Are You?

Session 3 ---The Mysterious World of the Qur'an

Session 4 ---The Spiritual Dimensions of Islam

Session 5 ---Tawba: Repent and Return to Unity

Session 6 ---Shahadah: The Ectasy of Oneness

Session 7 ---Salat: How to Tune into Divine Love

Session 8 ---Zakat: Giving as an Instrument of God

Session 9 ---Ramadan: The Holy Month of Fasting

Session 10 ---Hajj: A Pilgrimage to God

Session 11 ---The Spiritual Secrets of Death

Session 12 ---The Mysteries of Heaven and Hell

Session 13 ---You Are Loved

The Secrets of Divine Love Journal will help you to reflect upon and enjoy your faith from a more holistic perspective. You will learn even more about the pillars, principles, and practices within the Islamic tradition through the Qur’an, hadith, spiritual teaching stories, and sayings from mystics like Imam Ghazali, Ibn Arabi, Rumi and countless others.

The Secrets of Divine Love Journal connects you more deeply with Allah through exercises and questions designed to help you:

  • Experience the love of Allah: Discover divine love through inspiring stories, powerful verses from the Qur’an, and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

  • Connect with your faith: The journal is filled with a 100+ thought-provoking prompts designed to give you the space to feel, reflect and ultimately return to Allah.

  • Transform every moment into prayer: Each journaling session begins and ends with a prayer of gratitude with the intention of allowing you to experience the transformative power of prayer.

  • Create connection with your faith community: The questions and prompts within the journal were written for both private contemplations, to be shared amongst friends or answered in book clubs.

Secrets of Divine Love Journal will follow chapter-by-chapter the Secrets of Divine Love book. The journal has additional reflections, stories, and quotes while supplementing each chapter with reflective prompts alongside ample space for the reader to journal. Each chapter of the Secrets of Divine Love Journal starts with a quote from Secrets of Divine Love alongside a verse of the Qur’an followed by a story and reflection, a heart-opening prayer, journal prompts, a quote to contemplate upon, and a closing prayer of gratitude.

If you are looking for a journal for Ramadan, a retreat, or just to deepen your connection with Allah Secrets of Divine Love Journal is perfect for you!


Awakening to faith is not a one time event, but a continuosly unfolding reality. The journey of faith is not a race, but a marathon of love that each person walks at a different pace. - A. Helwa

Love. It is the reason there is something instead of nothing. It is from the soil of love that all of existence blossoms into being. Love is why we are here. - A. Helwa

He is the One that has no beginning, but that everything begins from; the One with no end, but that everything returns to. - A. Helwa

Our journey on Earth is about unwrapping the gift of divine love that we were given by God. It is not about achieving, earning or deserving divine love-the shoreless ocean of Allah's love is already within us. - A. Helwa