1.  What is the function of SMO Bookstores Online website?  

SMO Bookstores Online functional website is to enable buyers and fans of Syarikat Muda Osman Sdn Bhd to get their favourite books through ONLINE easily and quickly without need to go to SMO Bookstores outlets.

2.  What is the advantages of buying a book through SMO Bookstores Online compared to buying at regular bookstores?


Besides being easy and quick, buying a book through SMO Bookstores Online will allow you to  get a variety of special discounts from the SMO.


3.  How an ONLINE purchase this work?  


SMO Bookstores Online website will act as a salesmen and buyers can choose their favorites book by entering their name and address for the receipt of books and then to make a payment. All information purchase will be processed by SMO Bookstores Online in a timely manner and then the purchase item will be sent to buyer via courier service. Tutorial to purchase books can be found by click here. 


4.  What should I do if I do not receive my purchased item?


Please inform SMO Bookstores Online if you do not receive the purchased items within 2 weeks after payment is made. We will review your information immediately whether it was caused by the negligence or delay SMO Bookstores Online by courier service.

5. I have not received my order acknowledgement or shipment notification email?


Please make sure that the email address on your order is correct and that the email has not been directed to a spam folder. You should receive your confirmation email within 2 working days from making the payment & sending in the payment slip to online@smobookstores.com or upload payment slip at your previous order by click on my account. If you've not received the email, please call online store unit at 09-7733 555 from 8.30am to 5.30pm, (Sun - Thurs). Your email address can be changed via your account.

6. What is the order number / order id / order ref?


After ordering at SMO Bookstores Online, customers will receive notification email from SMO Bookstores Online. Appear on notification email as: Your order reference is #1XXX

7.  How can I make payment in SMO Bookstores Online?  

SMO Bookstores Online accept a Payment via Online Banking / Cash Deposit Machines ATM  and it can be found by click here. 

8. I try to make a payment using Maybank2u and MEP FPX but failed. What is the cause?


Maybank2u and active MEP FPX has the following;


Payments are NBEpay Maybank2u: 6 am - 12 Nights

Payment using MEPS FPX channels: 7 am - 11 PM

Payment made outside of this time will usually fail.

9. I prefer to make payment by Bank-in manually at the ATM machine. My problem is that ATMs do not accept small money (such as coins and banknotes RM1, RM5) cause I can not include the right amount. If I make a payment in advance, whether the SMO Bookstores Online will refund my payment balance?

Our policy is not to return the balance to the customer in this case. We were also advised by courier service to not putting money in a package together with the book. We recommended customers to bank in using online rather than using an ATM machine. We also recommend customers who wish to make a payment using ATM machines that make up the total order so that this problem does not occur.

10.  How many long it take to SMO Bookstores Online send purchased books?

Time to process a purchase usually takes 24 hours after confirmation of payment and the items will be sent via courier service usually takes transit time of 2 to 3 working days.

Refer and click here. 

After delivery, the SMO Bookstores Online will send an email that contains tracking number to the customer usually within 24 hours after delivery. The current status can be found on the courier service website with tracking number provided.

11.  How  about shipping rate of books purchased in SMO Bookstores Online?

The shipping cost of books purchased in SMO Bookstores Online is based on the costs incurred by courier service.

12.  What  should I do if I received the items in unperfect condition? 

Purchased item from SMO Bookstores Online normally will arrive in excellent condition. But in the event that items in the hands of buyers in unsatisfactory condition, please contact SMO Bookstores Online (email, telephone) for the purpose of returning an incomplete book earlier and SMO Bookstores Online  will send new books to you at no additional cost. Please refer Retuns page by click here.


How to contact SMO Bookstores Online:

Syarikat Muda Osman Sdn Bhd

PT 2422, Jalan 4A/44, 

Kawasan Perindustrian Pengkalan Chepa II,  

16100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

TEL: 09-7733555     FAX: 09-7733444

Email: online@smobookstores.com 

13.  Is it promotional newsletter subscribe edge?

Newsletter promotion is a platform for SMO Bookstores Online updating all the latest news on promotions held in SMO Bookstores Online. Promotional newsletter allows subscribers to be among the first to know about any latest promotion held in SMO Bookstores Online.


How will SMO Bookstores Online keep me informed of the progress of my order?

1. Order Processing

Once you have successfully placed your order, you will receive an order acknowledgment email confirming that we have received your order. If you have not received this email after 24 hours in case of a debit card order or five (5) business days after making deferred payment (whenever applicable), please contact the SMO Online Store unit. Please note for debit card orders, we may ask you to provide additional documentation before confirming your order.

2. Shipment notification

Once your order has been accepted and processed, you will receive a shipment notification email, advising you of an estimated delivery date. It will also contain information on how you can track your order online. Please note that 6% Government Tax, 15% Security & Fuel Surcharge and 15% Handling Charge included. All domestic rates quoted are subject to Courier Services for delivery.


3. We aim to contact you via phone or email if:

   - We require further information from you to process your order
   - We need to make changes to your order (e.g. availability dates, product upgrades)
   - We encounter problems during delivery
   - You made changes to your order using our online