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Brand: Iman Publication

Author : A.Helwa

This book is gentle reminder that divine love is the dawn that breaks every darkness inti light. These poems are a soft nudge, reminding you that the glorious rays of God's love can pierce through every veil and illusion. These words are a loving reminder that on the days you feel the soft presence of divine grace, and on the nights you feel hopeless and disconnected-God is with you. God does not leave, even when you struggle in your belief. God loves you, even when you fail to love yourself. God sees you, even when you fail to witness Him. Let this book serve as your reminder that God is with you when you are heartbroken and longing to be whole, when grief weighs heavy on your spirit, and when anxiety shakes your fatih.

These poems are here to hold your heart both when you are lost in the valleys of your faith searching for guidance in your darkest days.

This book is a reminder that you can be sad and faithfu, that you can be broken and grateful, that you can be crawling to God and still graceful. This is a reminder that God expects us to make mistakes and that His mercy maes room for every single heart who sincerely seeks for Him. This is a reminder that you are not defined by your worse faults, by your past. or by who you used to be. Come to God as you are, with your scars, with your broken parts, with your hurting heart, for only the one that made you can save you. After all, being a person of faith does not mean you have a perfect life, butit means that no matter what you face you know that you are always embraced by the love of a perfect God.