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Terbitan: Iman Publication

Penulis: Norhafsah Hamid

The heart is an amazing thing.

It is the one part of our body that we can't see or physically touch but its presence has ways of making us feel wondrous things.

The heart can be bruised but it can also be mended. It is the heart and not the mind that longs for love but at the same time, fears for pain and loss.

Perhaps, some might feel that it is better to 'harden' our hearts to avoid any weaknesses and possibility of hurt.

But know this; when our hearts are at its most vulnerable and fraglie state, that is when we have the potential and ability to be strong.


In Letters for The Fragile Heart, award-winning author Norhafsah Hamid illustrates the many ways the heart can be strong in times of pain and brokenness. This book hopes to ignite that spark of hope and gratification in the hearts of readers; to help them to seek the beauty behind each trial and tribulation.