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  • Audible Notes
  • Voice-over for speaking practices
  • Videos on hot tips about how to score well in the MUET exam
  • Fulfils the new exam format

Masterclass MUET is designed as a comprehensive hybrid-learning guide for students sitting the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) paper. Conforms to the Post-Seondary English Language Curriculum Framework (PSELCF) which is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), this book provides students with the proper foundation to master the English language skills not only needed to excel in the examination but also to be fluent in the language. Organised and structured in a methodical manner, each skill is taught using a step-by-step approach to ensure thorough understanding and comprehension.

With the audible notes provided, students can enhance their listening skills and become more familiar with the sounds and intonation in English. The interlocutor voice-over in the speaking practices allows students to experienced lecturer sharing valuable tips on how to score well in the MUET exam.

Ample practices following the examination requirements are included to provide sufficient practice. Suggested answers are also provided for students to guide them in answering questions correctly and in the most effective way to excel in the MUET paper. Look no further for a one-stop resource to prepare for MUET!